Why Does My Custom Audience Show 20 Audiences Only?

You can create a custom audience based on the following events using the Facebook Pixel:
  • People who have viewed or visited selected product(s)
  • People who have added selected product(s) to cart
  • People who have initiated checkout on the selected product(s) OR
  • People who have purchased selected product(s)

What Facebook will do is match the audience data you have with profiles on Facebook. When an audience data is matched with a Facebook profile, it will be included in your custom audience list. 

Facebook will return the number 20, whenever your audience size is too small to display. In this sense, 20 practically means 0. 

When you create a custom audience via Pixel Bay and have enabled "include past customers", and you see that your audience is 20, it means that your list is not large enough to be targeted.

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