Do I Need To Create A Product Catalog?

In order to maximize Pixel Bay's performance, you will need to have a product catalog in place.

To create a Product Catalog, please watch the video HERE or follow the steps below:

  1. Go To Pixel Bay App
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Under the Facebook Product Catalog section, copy the Product Catalog Feed URL. 
  4. Then go to your Facebook Business Manager Account. 
  5. Click on the menu at the top and click "Product Catalogs"
  6. Click the green "Create Catalog" button.
  7. Name your catalog, leave the catalog type as "Products". For the Catalog Owner - select the business page that this catalog is for.
  8. Next, click  on "Create Product Feed".
  9. Name your product feed. Select the currency in which your Shopify store is in. For upload type, just select "Scheduled Recurring Uploads". Click "Next"
  10. Set the schedule the product feed upload time. We recommend daily.
  11. Paste the Product Catalog Feed URL into the "Feed URL" field. Ignore the username and password fields.
  12. Click "Create Feed".

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